Mallorca IT consulting is ready to support your business and your users where and when you need it – letting you concentrate on getting your work done.

Our responsive help desk can be accessed by phone, email or online, and is managed by people that not only know IT, but know your business too. We know that the tiniest thing can have a detrimental impact on your business, which is why we treat every issue with urgency and endeavour to respond almost instantly.

Remote End-user IT support

We provide personalized support for Windows and Mac users alike.

On-Site End-user IT support

From our location in central Palma, we deliver professional support your business and your users in Mallorca.

2nd level support

Our Enterprise engineers are ready to assist when your users have problems that go deeper and require more troubleshooting. Our deep understanding of the infrastructure and systems ensures quick resolution of stubborn problems.


Our primary languages are English, Nordic (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian), some German and Spanish (Castilian, Catalan).

What ever the language is, we speak plainly and don´t use unnecessary abbreviations and indutry shorthand speak.

Working with manufacturers and suppliers

Often, problem resolution requires interacting with suppliers. We speak the ‘language’ of the programmers, the manufacturers and suppliers when needed to ensure that the problem or service request is handled as quickly as possible. We can be the intermediate that ensure the supplier actually delivers a resolution that the users are satisfied with.

On-contract IT support with guaranteed response time: From £99 per month

Is your business heavily dependent on IT solutions that work as intended? Do your customers demand you respond to emails, ship products or work on projects in a timely manner? In this case, you need access to IT support that understands your business, your users and can respond quickly and professionally.

IT Support as needed - without contract

If your business does not rely heavily on on IT, the value of paying for a recurring service contract can be hard to justify. Still, we´re happy to support you - remotely or on-site when needed.

Virtual IT department from: £499

We can tailor our help desk opening hours around your needs, ensuring you get the best value for money. Many of our customers also opt for prepaid days for additional requirements such as functional consulting and reporting. With our Virtual IT department, you don´t need IT-specific staff of your own, as we provide a turn-key solution to ensure that the IT needs of the business are met.


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