Our staff has been actively building complete, secure networks from the ground up from the major network manufacturers for years, including Cisco, HP, Aruba and others.Although we still work on those systems, we are now seeing an emergence of less expensive options which provide much the same features at a significant cost reduction – including enterprise-class management essential to a stable infrastructure.We assist our customers in getting the most out of existing networks – as well as new design using new, cost-effective options with little or no cost for service contracts.


Our experience with managed wireless networks spans back to the days when a wireless network was just a convenience for meetings and guests.Since then, the wireless network has become an essential service everywhere.We have worked with all of the major manufacturers, including Cisco, HP, Aruba, Aerohive and others.Our experience covers the most basic design for small office use, to complete enterprise campus networks including the infrastructure and security needed end to end: From the firewall, to the switches, authentication, access points and – most importantly – the clients.We put the user experience first!

WiFi troubleshooting from £199

Are your users having problems getting a stable, fast network connection? Are your users, guests or customers complaining ?The root cause could be either the wireless network, outside influences or something different. We have the expertise to find out where!

Wireless Network Survey from £249

Professional WiFi Survey.WiFi planning or fault finding - call us to discuss. Guaranteed Coverage. Predictive Model Survey. Fault-Finding Survey. Pre-Deployment Survey.

Network/Wifi optimization from £299

User expectations and technology changes over time. The network from 3 years ago was fine then, but can now be insufficient in terms of performance, coverage or security.We assist you in understanding the actual needs today, and pave an economical path to get there.

Datacenter Virtualization and storage

Our engineers have worked with virtualizing datacenters for more than 10 years and are VMware Certified.Although many datacenters are now being moved to the cloud, the core knowledge to work on the systems mostly remain the same With the datacenter comes enterprise storage. Our experience is broad and covers major manufacturers like EMC, IBM, Dell, Hitachi and others. Our approach is to size the storage system correctly from the start – and often making the most of the existing storage system instead of starting over completely

Infrastructure troubleshooting from £199

Are you experiencing problems with physical or virtual servers, virtualization or servers?Sometimes the local IT staff lack the skills or time to troubleshoot complex issues. Our expertise ranges from within the Windows guest operating system all the way to the hypervisor, networking, storage and server hardware.

Infrastructure upgrade recommendation from £399

Have your systems and the business outgrown the existing infrastructure? We have a vast experience in providing guidance to achieve cost-efficient upgrade and renewals of existing servers, networks and other infrastructure. We work independently of sales targets from hardware and software manufacturers.


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